love here and there

July 25, 2013

love is not (necessarily)- eloquence, knowledge, the state of being full of faith, asceticism or passion per se.
the vanity of achievement, the intellect, passion, but love above all.
see the trumpet of achievement in the power suits at CBD, the hype of the intellect at universities,
the celebration of passion at religious festivals-
love triumphs all.

love waits trustingly, believingly, gently, for the long-term, during difficult times. love chooses the better reading of a character and situation, and offers a smile in the rough. love chooses to engage with grace, again, rather than turning and withdrawing. love chooses to continue, not cut.
love embraces everyone; it is humble, not exclusive. it does not demand itself, is neither obnoxious, nor elitist.
love looks to the interest of others in planning for and during situations; is not easily provoked, keeps her cool, and stays in the conversation. she thinks the best of everyone and every situation. love is not happy in sin, but with truth.
love takes on all things, even the things that pierce the heart; she stays the course, still believing of the person, the situation; hopes to be proven right, trusts that she will be proven right, and holds on till she is proven right.
love does not fail- love does not end.


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