Thoughts on a biblical dress and such

July 14, 2013

I suppose this will be more of a narrative than anything. (read: rambly)

I must have seen literally hundreds by now, a figure that comes as a surprise. But I suppose these things happen before one realises.

In these many, many wedding gowns, I’ve come to see, there are dresses, and there are dresses. There are gowns that look like carpets, others which bring to mind a caterpillar- there was also a jellyfish. And let me not forget the flappy ones. They be a sea of flaps, flappy flaps with a face and two rows of teeth above. And then there are dresses- no other way to call them, really. They look like dresses.

and no, this is not a judging or hater/patatoe post. Sheer happiness presents a beautiful bride on her wedding day, regardless dress. I will always admire every bride in every wedding I attend, because the wedding is more than that- a celebration of commitment, a reflection of Christ and His bride- and a reminder of the day all Creation is waiting for- these make my soul sing.

But back to the dress-

We’ve found two potentials, which means j’s found one he really likes and I’ve found another. I can still appreciate the humour of the situation. Over dinner with p and d, I showed them approximations of the two, and d made two surprising comments. ‘The one J prefers is more biblical’, which messed up my brain a little because I had been precisely thinking the one I like is more biblical(!). Clearly neither statements have been justified, and I can only imagine the reactions going on from the previous sentence- a dress, biblical, wha-? If nothing else, it goes to show we are about the same things. Good friends, need them like oxygen. I just whatsapped Dennis to ask him more. As for myself, what I mean is scalloped lace train dress (haha) is more understated, while organza flange is fairly modern and.. leaning towards the dress category? Albeit a very, very pretty dress. (and again I manage not to justify the notion of a biblical dress.)

Having rambled this much (see disclaimer on first line), I suppose one way to see it is, some cloths are more cloth than others, but even so, all cloths boil down to the wearer. in other words, funnily, me. In other other words, which one looks more biblical on. I like this conclusion. haha. Alright then, I’ll end here. Fare thee well, everyone.

Postscript: Dennis’ second comment- “J’s one is better. The other one looks like a tablecloth”. Men, I ask you.


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