Never get used to lovelessness #2

June 15, 2013

Notes from final message at church camp in Subang, Malaysia, 1 Cor 13.

A hundred bible study sessions led, a thousand praise and worship sessions prepared for, done without love, is zero. Our authenticity is not measured by our knowledge; our authenticity is measured by the size of our love, of which God is the source.

The supremacy of love: not what but how- the routine, ordinary, unspectacular love. Never get used to lovelessness; the loveless church, loveless christians, loveless actions, loveless thoughts loveless feelings. It’s easy to go through the motions without the meaning, to be serving in multiple ministries in church faithfully while emotionally and connection-ly absent at home. Then we think it’s normal, even fashionable, to betray our spouse with our thoughts, feelings and actions because we’ve gotten used to lovelessness, prayerlessness and uncaring.

Love is not- passive, envious or jealous, whose source is infeority. To this, only God’s soveignity can rescue- that God knew what he was doing what he gave us what we have. Nor is love boastful, persuading the self that ‘I must be petted, I must be noticed, I must be recognised. In fact I want a permanent plaque to my name’. When will we be contented, or stay with the low-grade jealousy? To write, I want to live to be forgotten, I want to serve to be forgotten. I shall purge the self-importance from my life. I would rather win the person, than win the argument and lose John.

Love is active, and longsuffering. Kindness, a willingness and quickness to repay wrong with right. Love gives the benefit of doubt- our husbands could have been mean-spirited for years, but love waits, and it waits patiently. It waits courageously. It always, hopes to be triumphant. It lives in the statement of a little boy who has been standing by himself outside the school, tearing, to his dad kneeling before him in a hug and apology, “it’s okay, dad, I always knew you’d come”. Such faith, belief and trust, such courage, is love in deed.

Do I major in the minors? Am I still feeding on milk? The currency of the kingdom is love. And  if the currency of the kingdom is love, we’d better exchange it here on earth. Yet, we are most willing to give our love and time and service to those we think deserve it. and so withdraw these when we think they don’t ‘deserve’ it. What rubbish. What standards do I have? I am a sinner saved by grace. Pray to download and express love, then Zion will be transformed.


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