went to the philippines, thought a little about life

June 4, 2013

that sweeping leaves off a courtyard with a field beside and trees overhead is therapeutic, but i’m not sure about sweeping up rubbish and bits in a flat in future. it’ll probably be sanctifying. relatedly, i would like a flat with as many windows as possible. a place feels more breathable then.

filipinos find it incredulous we have yet to pick our colour theme/motif for the wedding.

filipinos are excited about life.

sitting at the back of a jeepney, watching the world go by, talking quietly. i remember another time, sitting in these, counting out money for the team, watching hands pass the fare down. different streets.

it appears i will always come back from the philippines with a string of beads around my wrist.

pandesal; what did they taste like, really? perhaps it is the taste of home i remember. knowing that den and pea were beside me, and that if there were eggs they would always give me two, soft boiled, and i’d have a warm pandesal beside my plate. that breakfast had come from their lesiurely stroll to the baker’s just down the street, sometime after sunrise when the manila sun was soft and the streets still. there was nothing better than a freshly-baked pandesal, then.

one day, perhaps it was the jeepney day, it occured to me, i could see my children growing up in the streets of bacalod; someplace like this, where people love to sing, hospitality comes before busyness, and a butcher may stand shoulder-to-shoulder with an architect in a choir.


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