May 22, 2013

hello everyone!

if you’re reading this, welcome! it is a joy and blessing to be on this journey, and to have you along.

a brief context: in february 2013, i agreed to spend the rest of my life with john foo. this was a surprise to many and to myself; i hadn’t thought i’d be settling down this early, or even be in a romantic relationship- i figured that was something for my 30s.

but when he asked, i agreed because we both understand our lives as sinners saved by grace, and redeemed by Christ. our ultimate hope is in Him who came to seek the lost, defeated death and now offers life without end. we know our thirst and satisfaction are fulfilled in Jesus, and him alone. Life with God is the only roller coaster worth getting on, and John is a gift to be sharing this life with, in a pilgrimage bound for ups and downs- and in a sure hope.

as i chronicle the remaining 9 months to the altar, i look forward to a meaningful blast. the first 3 were eventful enough in pessimistic doubts and fears, but i’ve since wrestled these through and am ready for the next part of the journey.

thinking about what will be covered gives me rather a buzz: i foresee reflections on topics raised by premarital counselling, our relationship, etc. i know reflection isn’t a naturally buzzy word, but i suppose i’m weird like that.

welcome, once again!

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