April 16, 2013

back home, back to the enveloping heat of equator’s country that warms one up too much. suffocating, almost, and i seek refuge in the indoors, zig-zagging from shade to shade if i’m outside. walking has become a strategic mission in operations.

it’s back to two continents and a sea between, soundwaves cresting through the miles. there are storms sometimes, like how when i first got back i didn’t adjust too well to being in long distance again and had a meltdown that ruined his weekend; but my God controls the wind and the waves, so the sum of this picture is one of two faces pressed against two phones, chatting and laughing; familiar flavours and i am thankful that in Him we find grace, and hope, and wonder to walk on. it’s a beautiful life in Christ, and there is truth that overcomes fear.

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