November 29, 2012

Book shopping! i must have bought about thirty; thinking of all these volumes stacked atop one another in messy angles delights my bookish soul. Lewis, Vinoth, Chesterton, and both Wrights, chief among them. my only question is where to place all my new books so i would do each justice; i love books so much. and then also of course to read them. whichever the case, i suppose this means an overhaul of my room is in order. when i get back from tasmania/australia then.

tasmania/australia! the latter not so much for its own sake, rather for what it stands for, but the former for its own, yes, a place they say is beautiful and i want to see beauty so much. to see, and to soak in. i want. canyoning, caving, and time spend with my j. whom, i need to learn, is somebody more precious than i know i know at the moment, and someone i need to treasure so much more. mmm. till then. for now, i really need to – Pack.


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