September 30, 2012

1) yay, when my eyes open tomorrow it will be october. big happy feelings inside me, now.

2) committing the coming year into His hands, all big and steady, wise and secure. it feels like next year could be so many things, could be anything, and i’ve asked Him for wisdom and leading, for you, for me.

3) things i’ve learnt over this year, over the past two years: to submit my will to His; watching those around me + hoping one day i will similarly be so ready to give grace, so ready to love; also hopefully i have more patience and understanding now, than i had before.

things i am working towards: to give my best in all i am tasked to, and to read the unspoken signs. i want to live with integrity, and always aligned with my Father’s take on things.

4) more and more, i realised just what a damaged bird you picked up, dear.

5) as this year passes and streams of years approach, may it be the cross’ light that shines on us, guides our steps, examines our lives. and like you always say, we have hope, cuz God is faithful. that’s true.


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