September 3, 2012

1) just finished climbing a mountain; recommended annual exercise complete. mm. make that half a decade’s worth of recommended exercise; the next time i have to push my muscles again will be 2017.

2) some mountains can be enjoyable; this was one of them. which root should i pull myself up with, which path should i scramble up now? there’s something to be said for negotiating a tricky climb; mind making split second decisions and body having a say, knowing which exposed root to lean on and/or pull up from and branch to grab; trusting instinct’s navigations.

3) near death experience: ravi losing his balance and falling, i hearing a shout, turning to watch him hurtling towards me, looking back to the front to see a ravine below. body taking over to push my legs out from a squat to sit, trying to plant down, yet bracing for the worst, understanding that if he hits me, i will fall. my eyes close as he comes, and finally, opening, as he slides to a stop neatly next to me.

like a car swinging perfectly into a lot, like we planned it all along.


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