the first stirrings of hope

August 5, 2012

bring clarity.

and clearer too i see the need to have muddled through this nightmarish haze; i can even muster thankfulness for the trial. i look back and see the distance that means growth, realise the changed concerns and know some things are more real now.

maybe i’ll struggle with this all my life, this falling of perfection, the all too conscious knowledge of flaws and weaknesses. and i figure maybe this means disappointment and tears will never be too far away but it’s okay-

i’ll learn to make my rest in Jesus.

because he is perfect and i am accepted (by him, through him), i need no longer struggle against the bars of the cage. i am accepted, i need no longer strive. no more have i to meet perfection’s expectations, its weight and its millstone. Jesus is perfect, i rest in him.


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